Should I Buy It ?

Is this a

or a

A need is something that although you can live without, you feel it is necessary

A want id something that you desire to have, but life would certainly go on without it

Do you already have something similar?

This question helps you consider whether this upgrade is entirely necessary. Sometimes, we are mentally persuaded to make an on the spot purchase for something that will likely just be used once and then stored away. Consider whether you already have something that is comparable and that works. Over time you may find that self discipline when making purchases is more satisfying.

Am I going to tell your Spouse/Partner about this purchase?

We are firm in the belief that all purchases should be discussed with anyone you share finances with. These conversations MAY BE DIFFICULT at times. We may feel that some purchases are better not disclosed. Unfortunately, many have made the mistake of attempting to hide their spending habits. Often, they are found out. But even if not found it, there is a secrecy that is not healthy. So, be healthy. Have the difficult conversation before you make the purchase. Your relationship will improve as you openly and honestly discuss all purchases with your partner or spouse.

Can I borrow it from someone?

Some people just hate borrowing stuff from a family member or neighbor. We have become an increasingly sheltered society. We don’t like to go to our neighbors houses. We prefer to have it all on our own. Consider whether we can be a little more neighborly and share what we have, so that others may want to do the same in return.

Is this a Credit Card Purchase?

Your #1 goal should be to get out of consumer debt. You likely got into consumer debt by making purchases that didn’t have to be made. Sorry to be stubborn on this issue, but you should probably spend any loose change at paying down debt and award yourself when you are debt free.

Have I asked my Friends/Family about it?

If you are planning on making a large purchase, it is often wise to send out a text/tweet/facebook message before you pull the trigger. Often, someone in your social network will have recommendations for a cheaper option, a discount or will persuade you from the purchase. When making a large purchase (or small) it is nice to run it by someone else first.

Is this a soul or body improving purchase?

Tools are required to improve our souls and lives. If you are into yoga, you will need a yoga mat and equipment. If you are into meditation, you will need instructions. If you play sports, you may need a ball. If you are a runner, you need shoes and clothes. These are the types of purchases that increase our overall health and wellness and align us with the centers of our spirituality. We always recommend these purchases. As they increase our energy and often decrease our need for consumption.

Can I delay the purchase?

If you can delay a purchase for a month or two, it might be wise to do so. The longer you delay, the longer the lifespan of your current product. Sometimes when we delay, the desire to purchase goes away entirely. Try to stay away from emotional or trigger purchases.

Have I looked for a lower cost alternative?

Just because it is on Amazon, doesn’t mean it is the best price. Some prices are actually inflated on Amazon. Amazon doesn’t set the prices, individual sellers in the market place do. All you have to do is GOOGLE the item you want to purchase. You will see immediately if Amazon is the best price.

Is this purchase within my budget?

If you are making a purchase that is outside of your budget, you should sit down and reconsider whether the benefit outweighs the cost. It is more prudent, financially, to budget in for this purchase in next months budget. Than you have a cool down period to re-think what you are about to buy.

Can I get this product used?

Although used is not always better, some products are almost as good in used condition (golf clubs, vehicles, books). Check on ebay and your local thrift stores and Craigslist. Ask friends, neighbors or family if they have a used version of the product you are interested in. Often times a used product is just as reliable as a new one and you can get it for Half the Price or better.

Have I googled for discounts or coupons?

A lot of websites have free coupons online all the time. You can easily save 20% or more by doing one search.

Is this Toy or other Product that will end up at the Bottom of Storage Box?

Consider all of the items in your house that you never use. Never use means less than once a year. There are tons of these products. They are everywhere. If your purchase will be used once and then will wind up in the Goodwill sack, reconsider what you are about to do.

Moderation on Kids Toys:

We are really down on toys. Not that toys are bad, just that the over consumption of toys for kids is getting out of hand. A gift or two at Christmas and for a birthday are nice memories that can bring families together. Spontaneous purchases of toys that we buy in hopes that are kids will use them, is just not a good idea.

Are you stressed out or depressed?

Some people make emotional purchase to try to fill voids in their life. Maybe you are stressing out about relationships, jobs or life in general. If this is the case, we recommend taking a walk, talking to a counselor, communicating with a trusted friend. WE DO NOT recommend making purchases in this state of mind. This is where spending becomes addictive and negative.

Is this a selfish purchase?

Purchasing things for yourself is good. But when we become selfish about our consumption and forget about others, this is where we spending can become negative. So have you considered a friend in need? Have you looked at donating to a charity?

Is this a gift for someone else?

On a Balance, sometimes giving a nice gift that will improve a relationship is more important than the cost (within reason). So we allow you to remove some spending inhibition when you are doing it for someone else. Especially when this is an anniversary or birthday present.

Are you a cheapskate?

Nobody likes a cheapskate. So shake off your conditioned response to spending money and open your wallet a little.

Are you buying a book or educational material?

If yes, go for it.

Will buying this make you happy in the long run?

Think of the things you have purchased in your life. Out of these things, which of them do you still derive satisfaction from?

Will this purchase encourage outdoor/recreational activity?

Spending money on things that get you outside may boost your overall happiness and success. We recommend frisbees, hiking boots, camping gear, bicycles, anything that will keep you active and your mind fresh.

How Bad do you Really want to Buy this?

Think Before you Buy

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Best Lightsaber

NameSummaryBuy on Amazon
Luke Skywalker

Probably #1 for us. We have been through so many lightsabers it is almost gross. Some are good, some are bad, some break and others are just OK. This one is durable, sounds good, looks good and is tough enough for the kids to play with.bigge

Appx $22.00

Again. A GOOD lightsaber. It is very difficult to find a GREAT lightsaber. You are going to need to spend $20 or more for a decent lightsaber. This one works. It is good and will last with rough play. bigge

Appx $22.00
Force Awakens by Disney

Another one that we HIGHLY Recommend. If you can't stomach the price tag of the Force FX series, but want something better than the $20 typical saber, this one is great. Makes a humming noise when swung and a cracking noise when hit against another object. Well made and at the TOP of our list. bigge

Appx $49.00
Force FX

THE GOLD STANDARD of Light Sabers. Metal hilt that feels great in your hand. It is a collectible (the kind to take to the star wars movie premier) not recommended to duel with it. Nice audible and vibrant sounds. bigge

Appx $135.00
Kylo Ren

There are a LOT of positive reviews on this lightsaber. I have combed through them all to test their validity. To be honest, most of the reviews are pretty shallow and there seem to be a lot of "received for a reduced price for this review." Overall, I think this is a COOL lightsaber and your kids will love it. I'm not sure it is worth the price. But I'm not against it. At all. bigge

Appx $34.00
Darth Vader

Ok. This is the one that most people start out with. It's just not good and it breaks. You need to spend more than this. Believe me, we have been through plenty of these. Take my advice and upgrade. bigge

Appx $7.00

Guest Reviewer


Hello my name is Ty.  I am in Elementary school and am the oldest of three brothers.  I am writing this review for $4.00 so that I can buy more beyblades.  This review is for parents so they know what beyblades and what beyblade stadium to get their kids.


1).  DURABLE ENOUGH TO FIGHT WITH:  We have three sons.  They fight with each other.  They light to use lightsabers to duel with.  We need lightsabers that can stand up to rough fighting.  We have finally found some that work:

Best lightsaber

2). PRICE: Price becomes very important when it comes to lightsabers.  At the low end, you will be spending $20 for a decent lightsaber that lasts through some rough duels.  If you buy the $7.00 lightsaber you will be disappointed.

The Best lightsaber

3).  LIGHTING: The lightsabers for $20 and more light up.  Some light up better than others. The Luke Skywalker and Obi Wan lightsabers are pretty good.  They are not going to blind you with light and they aren’t a substitute for a flashlight, but they are fun.

The Best lightsaber

4).  SOUND:  It is fun to swing a lightsaber that makes a sound (humming sound).  When you hit an object it should make a striking sound.  These lightsabers for $20 or more do this.  They sound good.

The Best lightsaber

From my 9 Year old son:

Lightsabers are so fun! I love battling with my brothers! They light up and make noises! It is basically real live star wars! But without the  destruction. I like these  lightsabers better than other lightsabers because they light up, they make noises, they are easy to pull out and push in, and they can be double sided if you add connecters and put the other light saber on the other end and it is double sided. My mom bought one from the halloween section i did not like it because… 

It would bend and brake i think it was meant for decoration.

He is speaking of the $7.00 lightsaber that broke.  He now owns this one and likes it:


Skywalker Electronic Lightsaber



Here is this lightsaber in action:

If you get the lightsaber with the connector than you can connect two and form a double light saber:

lightsaber connector

This is what the connector does:


The Force Awakens



And just for fun the $135 Force FX Lightsaber with VIDEO.  This thing is awesome.



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