Should I Buy It ?

Is this a

or a

A need is something that although you can live without, you feel it is necessary

A want id something that you desire to have, but life would certainly go on without it

Do you already have something similar?

This question helps you consider whether this upgrade is entirely necessary. Sometimes, we are mentally persuaded to make an on the spot purchase for something that will likely just be used once and then stored away. Consider whether you already have something that is comparable and that works. Over time you may find that self discipline when making purchases is more satisfying.

Am I going to tell your Spouse/Partner about this purchase?

We are firm in the belief that all purchases should be discussed with anyone you share finances with. These conversations MAY BE DIFFICULT at times. We may feel that some purchases are better not disclosed. Unfortunately, many have made the mistake of attempting to hide their spending habits. Often, they are found out. But even if not found it, there is a secrecy that is not healthy. So, be healthy. Have the difficult conversation before you make the purchase. Your relationship will improve as you openly and honestly discuss all purchases with your partner or spouse.

Can I borrow it from someone?

Some people just hate borrowing stuff from a family member or neighbor. We have become an increasingly sheltered society. We don’t like to go to our neighbors houses. We prefer to have it all on our own. Consider whether we can be a little more neighborly and share what we have, so that others may want to do the same in return.

Is this a Credit Card Purchase?

Your #1 goal should be to get out of consumer debt. You likely got into consumer debt by making purchases that didn’t have to be made. Sorry to be stubborn on this issue, but you should probably spend any loose change at paying down debt and award yourself when you are debt free.

Have I asked my Friends/Family about it?

If you are planning on making a large purchase, it is often wise to send out a text/tweet/facebook message before you pull the trigger. Often, someone in your social network will have recommendations for a cheaper option, a discount or will persuade you from the purchase. When making a large purchase (or small) it is nice to run it by someone else first.

Is this a soul or body improving purchase?

Tools are required to improve our souls and lives. If you are into yoga, you will need a yoga mat and equipment. If you are into meditation, you will need instructions. If you play sports, you may need a ball. If you are a runner, you need shoes and clothes. These are the types of purchases that increase our overall health and wellness and align us with the centers of our spirituality. We always recommend these purchases. As they increase our energy and often decrease our need for consumption.

Can I delay the purchase?

If you can delay a purchase for a month or two, it might be wise to do so. The longer you delay, the longer the lifespan of your current product. Sometimes when we delay, the desire to purchase goes away entirely. Try to stay away from emotional or trigger purchases.

Have I looked for a lower cost alternative?

Just because it is on Amazon, doesn’t mean it is the best price. Some prices are actually inflated on Amazon. Amazon doesn’t set the prices, individual sellers in the market place do. All you have to do is GOOGLE the item you want to purchase. You will see immediately if Amazon is the best price.

Is this purchase within my budget?

If you are making a purchase that is outside of your budget, you should sit down and reconsider whether the benefit outweighs the cost. It is more prudent, financially, to budget in for this purchase in next months budget. Than you have a cool down period to re-think what you are about to buy.

Can I get this product used?

Although used is not always better, some products are almost as good in used condition (golf clubs, vehicles, books). Check on ebay and your local thrift stores and Craigslist. Ask friends, neighbors or family if they have a used version of the product you are interested in. Often times a used product is just as reliable as a new one and you can get it for Half the Price or better.

Have I googled for discounts or coupons?

A lot of websites have free coupons online all the time. You can easily save 20% or more by doing one search.

Is this Toy or other Product that will end up at the Bottom of Storage Box?

Consider all of the items in your house that you never use. Never use means less than once a year. There are tons of these products. They are everywhere. If your purchase will be used once and then will wind up in the Goodwill sack, reconsider what you are about to do.

Moderation on Kids Toys:

We are really down on toys. Not that toys are bad, just that the over consumption of toys for kids is getting out of hand. A gift or two at Christmas and for a birthday are nice memories that can bring families together. Spontaneous purchases of toys that we buy in hopes that are kids will use them, is just not a good idea.

Are you stressed out or depressed?

Some people make emotional purchase to try to fill voids in their life. Maybe you are stressing out about relationships, jobs or life in general. If this is the case, we recommend taking a walk, talking to a counselor, communicating with a trusted friend. WE DO NOT recommend making purchases in this state of mind. This is where spending becomes addictive and negative.

Is this a selfish purchase?

Purchasing things for yourself is good. But when we become selfish about our consumption and forget about others, this is where we spending can become negative. So have you considered a friend in need? Have you looked at donating to a charity?

Is this a gift for someone else?

On a Balance, sometimes giving a nice gift that will improve a relationship is more important than the cost (within reason). So we allow you to remove some spending inhibition when you are doing it for someone else. Especially when this is an anniversary or birthday present.

Are you a cheapskate?

Nobody likes a cheapskate. So shake off your conditioned response to spending money and open your wallet a little.

Are you buying a book or educational material?

If yes, go for it.

Will buying this make you happy in the long run?

Think of the things you have purchased in your life. Out of these things, which of them do you still derive satisfaction from?

Will this purchase encourage outdoor/recreational activity?

Spending money on things that get you outside may boost your overall happiness and success. We recommend frisbees, hiking boots, camping gear, bicycles, anything that will keep you active and your mind fresh.

How Bad do you Really want to Buy this?

Think Before you Buy

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5 Benefits of a Wee Front Pocket Wallet

Wee Wallets: For Minimalist Men


Wee Wallet – Men’s Front Pocket Wallet


1).  Save your back: I told a chiropractor friend of mine that I had been recently having some sciatic pain from my low back down my leg.  He asked me which leg it was, I said my right leg.

He told me it was likely that my big old wallet was causing my pain.

back pain from wallet

The problem he said is the imbalance that my wallet has caused to my hip, pelvis and back.  Sitting on it for hours a day for so many years might have actually led to some nerve damage (that is likely reversible at this point).

He told me to try a front pocket wallet.

2). Minimalist Function – When I switched over to a front pocket wallet, I began to immediately realize the benefits.  One of the best things was cleaning out my old nasty back pocket wallet of all of the junk that I had accumulated for years and was afraid to toss.  Just let it go.  Throw it in the trash.  If I don’t use it, why should I keep it?  When you get a front pocket wallet, you will realize that it just doesn’t hold a lot of stuff, which is great.  This means that I can’t keep a lot of stuff.


3). I prefer a wallet in my front pocket for safety and feel.  I’m not one of these paranoid types that walks around worrying about everything.  Frankly, if someone really wants my money they can have it.  Yet, I do feel when I am standing on public transportation, a little more comfortable, when my wallet is in my front pocket.  I can tap it and know it is there.  It just Feels Good.  img_8955

4).  It’s hip.  If you want to be a “hipster”.  Hipsters prefer front pocket wallets, according to my research.

Front pocket wallet review

5).  It’s cheap and the Cards stay put.  You can get this Wee front pocket wallet for $14.95.  It is genuine leather and very sturdy.  The card pockets are open enough to allow up to five cards, but tight enough to hold them securely in place.

Bonus #6).  It fits in your front shirt pocket also, for those times when that is convenient.

best front pocket wallet

Bonus #7).  Not just a Card Holder: Designed to fit enough cash, checks and other misc. items:

best card holder wallet img_8974

Bonus #8). Easily slide out License: This wallet has a thumb hole right in the middle of the plastic casing that holds your license.  So if you are carded, you can easily slide out your license.  Or you can just show them without taking it out of your wallet:

best card holder wallet

*Disclaimer on this review.  I designed and sell Wee front pocket wallets.  This is a VERY biased review, but I would only sell products that I believe in.  I cannot stand by junk.  This is a very quality and sturdy front pocket wallet.  I hope you feel the same.

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